Scientific Temperament

Career in the field of Humanities

Humanities surely are one of the vast fields of study. and let us tell you, it is not that easy in comparison with the other two. There is a major misconception prevailing in our society that humanities (or what most of us call arts), is a career option for lesser qualified minds. That is not true at all. Humanities is in fact has equal importance and toughness as a career option. So, if you have heard – I can not study science, that’s why I will study arts, then you may have to reconsider. All of the career options have equal importance if you wanna excel in your field of study. For SEBA students, they can opt for either geography, Sanskrit, Hindi, or other subjects depending on the availability of the subject in the particular school. After class 10, there is an option to choose between major subjects to study after class 10. One can go for history, economics, political science, logic, and philosophy, psychology with any combination they want depending on their plans.

 After 12,  there are several career profile options to choose from. Depending on their interest and marks viability, they may opt and enter their preferred college. Easy-to-understand flowcharts are given here for best clarification. Now, if you are reading this, that means you have chosen your subjects and now you are ready for future specific career profiles. Please navigate to the field you wanna be –

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