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Political Science as a Career Option

Political Science basically the branch of knowledge that deals with the state and systems of government; the scientific analysis of political activity and behavior. Students of political science have many attractive career options that include political journalism, civil services, research, and teaching. Such candidates can also start their careers in the field of law.

How to be:
To start a career in political science one must have a degree in political science and to achieve a degree he /she should have the subject as a core one in 10+2 level. Degree in political science available at the graduate level, master’s level, and doctorate levels
Bachelor’s courses 
– Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
– Bachelor of Arts (honors) in Political Science.
Master’s courses
– Masters of Arts in Political Science
– Masters of Arts in Political Research
– Masters of Arts in International Relations and Political Science
– Masters of Arts in Political Science and Public Administration

Other courses after Masters are-
– M.Phil in Political Science
– M.Phil in International Politics
– Ph.D. in Political Science
Students can do Specialization in 
– Human Rights
– Politics and Communication
– Politics and Public Policy
– International Relations

Job prospects-
Approximately 75% of political scientists are employed by educational institutions. Earlier career options in this field are too narrow, mostly limited to the academic field alone. But now it has changed and the scope is brighter and one can choose among a variety of fields. Some of those are as follows
Law: Students who understand the nature and meaning of constitutions, rules, and regulations often pursue political science and law can go on to law school and become attorneys because of their deep desire for justice and making positive changes in the world. The knowledge gained in their studies can help them place themselves in a position of power from appointments with mayors, governors, and even presidents.
Teaching: Teaching is another popular profession for Political Science students. The majority of political scientists teach in junior colleges, degree colleges, universities, and management institutes. The teaching profession requires UGC NET, Ph.D., and B.Ed as well.
Research: Research is the next main career option within political science related to teaching. Many teaching positions, particularly in universities, colleges, Information Technology Institutes, Management Institutions require research activities. Individuals with specialized knowledge of public policies and survey analysis can find jobs in these institutions.
Political Journalism: Being a political journalist is also an attractive option. Political science graduates choose to become involved in print, television, or radio journalism, where they apply their expert understanding of political systems to create reports about current events. Political science graduates can also join the media as political correspondent/ analyst/researcher. However, students entering into the field must also have a degree in journalism. 
Civil Service/Administrative service: This is possibly the most popular choice of many political science students. The study of political science enables you to understand governance and how it functions as well as detailed knowledge of public administration, political theory, and philosophy. After cracking competitive exams one can join IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. The state administrative jobs include BDO, Tehsildar, etc Many are engaged in urban planning, health planning, and criminal justice systems.
Political Advisors: Political Advisors are political science experts who work alongside politicians and government officials, helping them make important decisions in different situations.
The earnings of political scientists depend on their education and experience as well as on the location and kind of position. In a govt. sector pay scale is quite good. One can expect a starting salary of around Rs.15, 000-20,000 .and it differs from every job.

Where to look:
Some renowned Colleges/Universities in India for studying Political Science
– Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
– University of Delhi, New Delhi
– Banaras Hindu University , Varanasi
– Rajiv Gandhi University, Otherwise state Universities also quality education.

All the very best!

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