an ISSN approved bimonthly bi lingual science e-magazine published by Scientific Temperament

Anuranan is one of the most prominent bi lingual science e magazine being published from Scientific Temperament Community. To be an exclusive member of Anuranan, you need to subscribe the e magazine. Anuranan was first published on April, 2019. Issues from April, 2019 to August 2020 are freely available to read. They can be found below. To read current issue, you need to subscribe Anuranan for 55.00/- per issue or for 250.00 per year. 

For students up to class 10 or equivalent, they can submit their id proof through this form by clicking here

For everyone else, they may complete the payment page here to get the registration link. After completion of payment you will be able to enjoy the immersive exclusive reading experience

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