There was a dream, a dream to bring all the people of Assam under one roof- under the roof of Science. A dream to connect all those who are shining separately to shine together. A dream to bring back our fallen kingdom of science to its glorious place where it can re-rule society demolishing all the negativity. A dream of a society where no one would say – I hate Science.

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Here, in Scientific Temperament, everyone deserves something better. We are constantly customizing and upgrading our content to serve our society in a way never done before. In our Scientific Temperament Community, we are working on the following contents:-

Media Coverage

meet the team

Ansuman Hazarika

Founder and Director

Anulekha Kakaty


Manash Bora

Project Coordinator

Ripunjay Bordoloi

Scientific Temper Research Head

Neetu Kakoti

Project Lead

Gayatri Borkotoki

Resources Manager

Jasmine Gogoi

Coordinator - Amature Astronomy

Nabadeep Saikia

Coordinator - Academics

Sangeeta Baruah

Coordinator - Career Assistance

Nasrul Islam

Coordinator - GK Hub

Pankaj Chetia

Coordinator - Digital Floral Archive

Nabanita Borah

Coordinator - Untangling The Truth

Jyotirupa Mahanta

Coordinator - Science News

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