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This is the section, where one can learn a variety of topics ranging from academic learning to choosing career, from finding desired General Knowledge Questions to learning about the Flora of our indigenous society. For convenience, they are classified as below-

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Decide Your Career
Believe us, everyone gets confused sometimes, so learn how to choose your career.
Express Tales Knowledge Hub
Would you like to learn some GK Questions? Well, we have the largest collection of GK questions in Assamese for you.
Horitmala – the digital catalog for the Flora found in Assam
We all like to know about the plants living in our environment . So, here we present the 1st ever online platform to know about them in our mother tongue.


সৰ্পগন্ধা গোত্ৰ (Family) : Apocynaceae বৈজ্ঞানিক নাম : Rauvolfia serpentina (L.) Benth. ex Kurz অসমীয়া নাম : সৰ্পগন্ধা, আৰ্চন তিতা

বন অগৰা

বন অগৰা গোত্ৰ (Family): Malvaceae  বৈজ্ঞানিক নাম : Triumfetta rhomboidea Jacq. অসমীয়া নাম : বন অগৰা বিৱৰণ: বন অগৰা বা


ভূঁই-আঁকোৰা গোত্ৰ (Family) : Convolvulaceae বৈজ্ঞানিক নাম : Evolvulus nummularius (L.) L. অসমীয়া নাম : ভূঁই-আঁকোৰা বিৱৰণ: আফ্ৰিকা তথা আমেৰিকা মূলীয়

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