Give us a Smile

Sometimes when we loose ourselves in fear & despire, in routine and constancy, in hopelessness and tragedy, we can thank god for Baverian sugar cookies, and fortunately when there are no cookies or god, we can still find reassurance in a kind loving gesture, a subtle encouragement, in a familiar hand on our skin or a loving embrace…

So, as we are a non-profit, ad-free online community, we may face troubles few a times in order to continue our work smoothly. Your small contribution may change our society from good to better.

We are glad that you are with us. Thank you for supporting

List of Contributors :-

  • Ripunjay Bordoloi
  • Anulekha Kakaty
  • Lavita Talukdar
  • Sarbananda Sarma
  • Nabadeep Saikia
  • Shibalik Kashyap
  • Anju Borah
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